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Android Host - Installing for remote customers

Good Morning! 

I am after some advuce / ideas. 

I have a 1 user business licence and have a client abroad who has several Android TVs setup in a studio. I can get the host working fine here on a test device, but have to join it to my account, which requires my password to do so. 

Now, given that I can't give my password out to clients, is there a way of associating a device without giving out my password? Similar to a one time password I can issue and then burn?

Any ideas welcome! I have thought about upgrading to a bigger licence and creating a dedicated user, but it seems to be overkill when 1 seat works fine for me at the moment! 



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Re: Android Host - Installing for remote customers

A neat solution would be to generate a QR code in my account which can be shared with the remote location.

On the Android Host app, it should have the option of scanning the barcode to join the account.