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Auto Deploy on Android Device

Hello, we manufacture an android device which I would like to be able to be factory installed with team-viewer and be able to automatically call my register link without user intervention.  I can have the host app and add-on pre-installed, but I am wondering if there is a way they can automatically register themselves with a "Deploy" url on first start.  This would allow me to not have to manually click through the registration on each device.


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Auto Deploy on Android Device

Hi @louisparks,

Thank you for posting on TeamViewer Community.

Kindly check out the follow KB article for more information on deploying Android devices please:

  1. Supported manufacturers for remotely controlling Android devices
  2. Mass deployment for TeamViewer Host for Android
  3. Deploy TeamViewer Host for Android and assign the devices to a TeamViewer account  
  4. Login on TeamViewer Management Console 

If you would like to get further assistance on deploing Android devices, feel free to contact TeamViewer Support Team for more discussion.

Hope the information above would be helpful.