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Quicksupport Android (Samsung) behind a proxy

Hi there,

We are using Samsung tablets in order to display room meetings schedules, and we do not have physical access to them, so I want Teamviewer in case things would go wrong. They are all behind a proxy, without it they won't access internet. We allowed port 5839. But still no way to get QS for Samsung working on Android devices. Looks like the app is just ignoring the system proxy settings.

Here's the piece of log we got :

2018/04/12 15:09:13.856 8819-8838 I/TeamViewer Activating Router carrier
2018/04/12 15:09:13.856 8819-8838 I/TeamViewer CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[20]::CreateMasterConnect():, Connection 20, proxy=''
2018/04/12 15:09:14.075 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStopped o.yj
2018/04/12 15:09:14.106 8819-8819 I/QSFragment Display is 2880x1800, Pixelformat=1
2018/04/12 15:09:14.125 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStarted
2018/04/12 15:09:16.914 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStopped
2018/04/12 15:09:16.936 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStarted o.yj
2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 I/TeamViewer CTcpConnectionBase[20]::HandleConnectTimeout(). Connect timed out to
2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 W/TeamViewer CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[20]::HandleMasterConnect(): MasterConnect to failed
2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 E/TeamViewer CMasterConnectorAsio::HandleMasterResponseRegister(): MasterConnect failed. ErrorCode=10

As you can see, @ line2 proxy is empty, no doubt it won't connect to anything. Any idea on how to set the proxy settings for teamviewer on Android ?