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Remote control on a Samsung A10S


4th time i try to post on this forum, make me crazy !  Hope this time will not fail.

Here is my case :
Trying to controll a Samsung A10S from my windows 10 PC.
I can currently see the screen of the phones, even when operating the phone, but I can't do anything.

Tryed and failed :

  1. Reinstall application
  2. Reinstall android
  3. Changing network (adsl to 4G)
  4. UDP To off
  5. other A10S device
  6. Manually installed Samsung addons (not prompted on app install)

Android is up to date.

Tested on a Samsung A10 (not S) and working correctly.

Please, help :)

Thanks and Kind regards.

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Re: Remote control on a Samsung A10S

Up ?

Any chance to have an answer please ?