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Teamviewer Android app in Work Profile


I need help with a issue regarding remote control with the QuickSupport app on a Android phone (Work profile).

I have this setup:

  1. Android phone (Motorola G6)
  2. Work profile
  3. Teamviewer app (QuickSupport) deploy via Intune into the Work profile

Problem is when I try to initiate a remote control session with the phone, I only manage to get screen sharing but not control it. I think this has to do with permission on the device because if I have the Teamviewer app (QuickSupport) installed in my Personal profile, I can allow the app elevated access and in that way do a remote controlled session without problem. 

When I try to allow the Teamviewer app (QuickSupport) the same permissions in the elevated access meny it won't work, as it just turn off again. I've tried to give the app all the permission I can but it still won't work.

Have anyone experienced the same issue? Have someone got this to wort properly with the app deployed in a Work profile on their Android phone?

/Tobias Sandberg

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Re: Teamviewer Android app in Work Profile

Same problem with VMWare Workspace one Work profile.

Any solution?