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android host unknown password

I wanted to use  teamvewer to support a computer illiterate relative  out of state on his android tablet.  Previously i had him download the windows version on his old pc.  it worked very easily.  i connected and saw his screen and moved around.

Now i had him go to the google store on his tablet and install the teamviewer host for andriod.  he added it to my new account and i saw it on the web console.  It would not connect from  the web page, it just hung indefinitely.  however I copied the id and ran the windows client on my desktop .  It immediatly connected and asked for a password.  On the other end my relative saw it trying to verify on the tablet. however we never set a password.  he said he saw no status box like in the windows version and no temporary password.

So is there a place to see the temporary password or set a password on the host?  he said he didn't see any.

I tried to follow some suggestions here; i moved the device to a different group  on the web page; no effect.  I tried to set the device password from the webpage; that didn't work either.

is there a control on the device he couldn't find?  or a temporary pass he didn't see?  there is no way to get past this.

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Re: android host unknown password

Hello @webco2019

Thank you for your message.

Connections to an Android Host are only possible through the TeamViewer client.

If you want to connect via a TeamViewer ID, you will need to use the QuickSupport on your mobile device.

The TeamViewer Host works through the assignment with your TeamViewer account. There is also an ID behind, but it is not reachable like it is in the PC to PC model. So all you need to do, is to assign your Android device to your account and you will be able to connect to it via your Computer and Contact list within your TeamViewer client.

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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