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Accidentally pressed upgrade!

TeamViewer has for some time had me on 5 minute limits thinking I use it commercially. Which I don't. I actually use it to support my 90 year old father.

I cleared the pop up today and now the app says it's upgrading my account to business. I don't wish to and certainly cannot afford to upgrade. Please cancel whatever is happening! And if you are able to sort the commercial non commercial thing that would also be very helpful.

Apologies, it was a complete accident and I could really use some help. Panicking a bit to be fair!


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Re: Accidentally pressed upgrade!

Hello @Adamh

Thank you for your message. 🙌

I confirm you that there is no license order that has been placed under your account.

You don't need to worry. In addition, if you haven't received any invoice, no license has been released.

I hope this could reassure you. 😌



French Community Moderator
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