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Android TV Box - Teamviewer Host and Unattened access

Hi to all this is my first post in this forum I want to ask something

I don't  know if this the right board if not the admins please moove it to the right place.
I have a Beelink GT1 Ultimate TV box I had installed Teamviewer Host app and I want to remote control it from my PC with unattended access.
I am running the app  in my windows PC and I assigned to my TV box my account.
I can remote control My TV box ( unatended access from my Windows PC ) with no problems.
I want to ask, I am using free licence, I had installed in my Tablet the TeamViewer app, I had logged with my account, I see the TV box online but I cannot remote control it from the tablet, I have connecting......  but nothing happens.
Is this because the Host in my TV box is assigned to my PC?
I can remote control it if I install in my TV box both Host and QuickSupport app.
Is there a way to using in both devices using only the host app?