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Android cannot log in, account not known

I had reset my phone and then installed all apps, incl. TV.

Now after a few days, I ran it and need to log in again, but logging in with my email and password does not work. It says that my username (I can only enter email) and password cannot be associated with any known account?

I use Android 6 (no change) and version 13.2.9356 CL (private version)

I tried WIFIs, LTE, Creating new account (where it said it knows the email already), I can login to the Teamviewer Supoort site, etc....

I am lost

Thanks for any hint

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3 Replies
Posted by marthasimons

Re: Android cannot log in, account not known

Maybe a bug with cookies?

Don't worry be Happy :smileyhappy:
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Re: Android cannot log in, account not known

Hi @Cars10,

if the message received speaks of an unrecognized user, the password has probably been entered incorrectly (or the email address -> the username).
If you can connect from a desktop or browser to the TeamViewer portal with the same credentials, it is possible that your password contains a particular character that is not correctly transmitted. In this case you can try to update the password via desktop or browser, then try again via mobile using the newly updated credentials.


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Re: Android cannot log in, account not known


thanks. I think my characters were all fine. What I tried is to activate 2-factor authentication, went thru all the process and when I returned to the App and logged in again, it worked.....weird that I now needed to activate 2 factor, but it solved it. Perhaps just changing my password would have also worked.