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Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard functionality for Android Client


I am using a bluetooth keyboard/touchpad combo (1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad)  connected to my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) in hopes of improving productivity. The keyboard works very well for typing, but the touchpad (although the Android phone accepts its input--demonstrated by a cursor moving on the phone but not moving the remote desktop's cursor) isn't used by the TeamViewer client (i.e. using the touchpad connected to my phone moves the mouse cursor that appears on the android phone, but does not affect the desktop cursor which one might hope to move). Also scrolling the touchpad mouse to the border of the Android phone doesn't scroll the view. For any functionality from the touchpad in TeamViewer, I have to hold down the left mouse button under the touchpad, preventing me from doing things that would otherwise be easy to do with a touchpad such as selection or drag-and-drop.

I've also noticed some buttons or button combinations from the hardware keyboard are captured by the android device causing undesirable effects. For example, the windows key on my bluetooth keyboard is used by Android to open Google Voice. While I am connected, I rather have it act as an actual Windows key, which would allow for a more seamless experience. Alt + Tab is also stolen by the Android phone.

Also, CTRL + Shift + RIGHT_ARROW does not work while CTRL + Shift + LEFT_ARROW does.

I understand that the development cycle is crazy, and some of these features might not be supported without the user having to root the phone, but just wanted to suggest this as it would put you far ahead of the game. I have explored other android remote desktop client/host combos looking specifically for bluetooth keyboard/mouse support connected to an Android client. Jump desktop for Android has implemented a bluetooth mouse pass-through, but the rest of the application is horrible. Google Desktop doesn't appear to be as feature rich as your software so I hope that I can stick with your product in the future.

Please take this suggestion into consideration.


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Re: Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard functionality for Android Client

Whoops, just found out the the CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT_ARROW problem was a bluetooth keyboard hardware problem.