Posted by TiamatStudios

Command Line to Run Mobile Connections?

I was looking and the command line options such as -i ######### to make it auto connect to that instance but when I do it on mobile it wants a password. Unlike on the desktops the mobile did not ever ask me to set a password and I do not see anything under Advanced on the mobile app to set one. When I right click and edit the mobile device on the desktop program the password field is blank. So if the password is blank how do I use -P to send a blank password? Everything I tried says "Error parsing command line: the required argument for option '--Password' is missing" when I try filling it with stuff it just says Authenication Failed.

If it is not a blank password where can I find out the mobile password?

Is it set to one of the numbers on my phone such as its phone number, IMEI, UUID, Model#, Serial Number, etc?

Thanks for the help!