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Connections From Mobile to Mobile Devices

Hi, I have been using teamviwer for a couple of years on my home computers.

I have downloaded teamviewer to my mobile but I am very confused re logging in to my computer.

I can sign in and connect but if I try to login using the computer id it says I am on the blacklist.

I have no idea how to add the phone to the whitelist as when I go to the list and try manual it is asking for an email address?????

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RE: Connections From Mobile to Mobile Devices

Dear @maid

Thank you for your post.

Do you have configured the whitelist on your computer? This could be the reason, why you got this message.

Please try this:

Open your local TeamViewer options --> go to security --> black & whitelist
Now you should see a TeamViewer ID or emailaddress of a TeamViewer account. 
(If you like, you could also remove the whitelisted partners)

Please click on Add to open your whitelist and select Manually add contact to your whitelist

Here you could allow access for TeamViewer Account via emailaddress or you may add only
the TeamViewer ID of your mobile device.


To find your TeamViewer ID on your mobile device, please open the remote app and go to the advance options via gear wheel.

All the best!

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