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Host App Being Deprecated

Hello. For years now, I have been running Host on several of my android devices. One of them is a Minix Neo X5 Android TV computer that runs my home automation system. There is no Android version for this newer than 4.2.2 so that is what I am running.

Right now the version of Host on this is When I connect to it from my main Windows computer running TV version 14.2.2558 I am getting warnings that the Teamviewer Host running on this computer is old and will be deprecated.

I have tried to find an updated version of this app without success. There is no ability to remote update via the Windows Teamviewer UI. When I use the Play Store app on this machine and search for Teamviewer products, there is no Host app displayed. When I go to the Play Store website and try to install the app to this device, it is shown in grey so it cannot be selected. It appears that this is now listed as requiring Android 4.3+ so I am assuming this is the issue

What do I do in this case? I seem to be on the path to a problem.


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Re: Host App Being Deprecated

Hi @Whitedavidp 

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately that Minix Neo X5 Android TV computer is not yet TeamViewer supported Andriooid manufacturer. We are not able to assist you further on this case.

For more information on TeamViewer supported Android device, feel free to browse the articles of TeamViewer supported operating systems and Supported Android manufacturers.

As mentioned in the post of Why Can't I Control my Android Device?, we encourage all the users to support TeamViewer by reaching out to the android manufacturers for further co-operation.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.