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How to keep TeamViewer host active

I use TeamViewer to assess one mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S10 plus) remotely using another mobile phone. However, after a few minutes of non-use / no contact, the remote phone's Teamviewer host is listed as offline.

If I am able to touch the remote phone and tap the TeamViewer Host app, then it reads as online. However the purpose of using TeamViewer is to be able to assess it without being able to touch it. How can I keep the Teamviewer Host from "going to sleep"? Is there some setting within TeamViewer that I can set, or on the phone?

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2 Replies
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Re: How to keep TeamViewer host active

Hi @SierraPacific,

Thank you for your post.

If you would like to have your Andorid device stays active for remote connections. Turn on Eco mode on Samsung device might be recommended. The steps of turn on Eco mode on an Android device are showed below:

  1. internet working fine
  2. account assignment completed
  3. activate Eco mode by looking it from the setting - gear wheel on TeamViewer Host.

The Andorid device under the group you have saved will display as Yellow and ready to connect anytime.

Hope it works for you.



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Re: How to keep TeamViewer host active

S9+, from TeamViewer Host 14.1.84 HM the device go Offline after 10 sec (Online only if you open Host again and keep it open). Previous versions works well but the Add-On is not up to date. Host device remains Online in my Account also if the Assignement is removed but you can't access. Eco Mode is "Ok" but I don't want Eco Mode.