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RC not working - file transfer working on Xiaomi Redmi 1s

Namaste / hello

i have installed host on redmi 1s xiaomi mobile phone. its working perfectly 

i have installed quick support also and tried, file transfer + screen shot and rest are working perfectly. but not able to work on main screen ((screen mirror/screen share/remote screen/remote control))

but i am not seeing any option to control screen.. because of which i am unable to see my phone screen (screen mirror)

file transfer working, its showing many other technical options of processor status, running apps...

my requirement : 

my parents doesnt know to use mobile.. my mobile connected to television through HDMI, I wish to operate it remotely and play what ever they needed on my mobile, so it can play in my television.

i want unattented access, remote control (Screen mirror), please provide me solution

another issue, the app must be shown always in front of the screen, if i press home button and allowed to run background, its not working it seems, when i press home screen, it shows offline..  is this normal or any changes need to be made for this?