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Swiftpoint GT Mouse for iOS

Hi iOS users,

Did you ever try to use a Swiftpoint GT mouse while making a remote control session from your iOS device? If not, just give it a try and keep up your productivity when going mobile-to-PC on the road and save yourself the frustration of clicking the wrong things too often. 

Please share your experiences with the Swiftpoint GT mouse with our Community by replying to this post.

As an intro, here is a short video about it. Have fun watching:

You can find additional information in the Community Blog about it: Easily Provide IT Support on the Go with the Swiftpoint GT

Have a great day, Esther

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1 Reply
Posted by Jense

Re: Swiftpoint GT Mouse for iOS

Hi there!

Currently I‘m using a swiftpoint gt in combination with an IPad and teamviewer to access and control my windows workstation. This combination works well but has unfortunately also limits. While you can configure the swiftpoint gt mouse to your very own needs, when you are connected straight to an desktop computer, you have just the standard settings when you work over teamviewer. Also it is to mention, that you won‘t be able to combine the iPad keypad with the swiftpoint gt. Both are working great by them self but you cannot press the Strg key+right click to open some special menu for example. This is just working if you use the teamviewer keyboard on the screen. What is helping out but will never be a native work flow. I cannot tell if that could be adjusted by the swiftpoint- or by the teamviewer- team, but I would really appreciate if the two would strengthen their connection to make the combination of the swiftpoint gt and teamviewer even more powerful!

Looking forward to some updates which will fix this topics.

And thank you guys in advance - You did already do a great job!!