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TV Host offline for my Android devices...

I have premium license for V11. I have a dozen android tablets I need to remote control. They are permanently kept on. They are assorted brands of samsung, Nexus, Acer, etc. The problem is none of them are able to be kept online. Wifi connections are stable. Some would go offline the moment I hit the home button from the "Ready to connect". Some allows me to connect but no click (This device supports screen sharing only).  All will go offline after half day or so.
This should not be because I am using V11. The host app is latest on all android devices. If V11 TV can't see them online, say, overnight, V13 would not see any, right?
I see a "Supported manufacturers for remotely controlling Android devices" link but it doesn't help solving my problem:

I am ready to upgrade to V13 (but I hate the monthly payment instead of one time deal) if I can remote control my android devices anytime I want.

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Re: TV Host offline for my Android devices...

Hi @derekc

Thanks for posting and I am sorry for the trouble.

Disable Eco Mode
Can you please go onto the host of the devices, select the "Settings" cog, then "Advanced" and disable eco mode?

This feature was introduced in later versions and will not work where there is no Google account or where you are running an older version on your side.

Check Sleep Settings
Can you make sure there is no "Power save" options or "Sleep" settings on the device?
For example, on my Samsung Galaxy S8 I needed to remove my phone from the "Power save" list.

If you are still having issues, it would be best for us to have a look at this with you directly.
Please give us a call or raise a ticket so we can check this with you.


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Re: TV Host offline for my Android devices...

Ok. I updated the Host App for each device that required it, then I disabled the ECHO mode on all. All seems to be on the list now. Hope they will continue to be.
Now, another issues is with HTC Nexus 9, I can only view but no control. It says "This device is for screen sharing only".
I see HTC is on the Supported manufacturers list. I even tried to install the APK directly from this link :
But it popped up an message saying "This package appears to be corrupt".

Please help. Thanks.

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Re: TV Host offline for my Android devices...

Looks like essentially I need an add-on for HTC for Android 7.1.1. There is an older version on playstore but it is "not compatible".