Posted by aterentiev

TeamViewer Host on Android, no remote access to display (connecting...)

Hello Community,

I am trying to use the TeamViewer Host on my old Nexus 5, which is normally placed at home and has a WiFi connection. I've installed the TeamViewer Host on it, added it to my computers. It I try to connect to it, I can see the apps, I can see the battery usage, but the remote access to the display is not working (it remains in "connecting" state for a extremely long time). 

I tried it from a PC, I tried it from another Android phone - both have the same symptoms.

In the log of the Nexus there are messages saying something about "connection already in use" (the phone is now at home and I cannot post the message just now).

What I an doing wrong?

Thanks a lot!

PS. Sorry if I chose the wrong Board, somehow I cannod find the correct one for Android.