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Posted by Jumped

Unattended access android problem

I've recently updated my samsung s6 edge to android 7.0 and now host seems to go to sleep after a period of inactivity. Unattended access was working fine before but now seems to time out.

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Posted by MetaEd

Re: Unattended access android problem

Having the same symptoms using Host for Samsung 11.0.4766 on a Galaxy S7 Active, Android 7.0.

Posted by sirlurkalot

Re: Unattended access android problem

Same problem here. TeamViewer shows Android devices in standby when the screen timeouts and locks so you cannot connect and remote control. Tried different smartphone brands and Host for Samsung as well as TeamViewer Host on Android version 7. It does not show online again until the device is unlocked and you switch to the host app to get to display "Ready to connect".

This did not happen with previous Android versions so you could remote control and unlock. Can someone please investigate fix this bad bug/malfunction?

Posted by BenKayfetz

Re: Unattended access android problem

I think I solved this issue.
1. In the app hit the 3 dots and select advanced.
2. Then tap "Eco mode" and turn it off.
That seems to have fixed this issue here. It's been about 45 minutes and counting and unattended access is still available.
Posted by evrenyilmaz

Re: Unattended access android problem

can someone help me to locate the instructions how to set up unattended access to android phone?