Posted by DONNA2

Using Trial Version 14. Trying to get remote control of Android Phone to work.

I have tried everything suggested in knowledge base, etc but cannot get remote control of Samsung Adroid phone to work. I have Teamviewer 14 trial version installed on my PC and Phone,  am using teamviewer for personal use only. Trying to help mother to fix her Samsung phone. I had her install Teamviewer Quick Connect and it sends me the ID and password but will not let me connect. I have tried to connect both from my phone and the laptop. I prefer to use the laptop for support as it is easier to navigate. I can connect to her PC with no problems but on the PC she has installed Teamviewer 14. Please help as I have tried all suggestions so far.

How do I connect from my laptop to my mohter's Samsung phone? Quick connect doesn't seem to work.