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Video not shown (Android Host)

Hello, We are using Teamviewer 13 to remote control android devices (host) in the field.

WHen a video is shown on the device i see a freezed screen, whenm the video is done the screen comes back. What to do?

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Re: Video not shown (Android Host)

Hello , we are using Teamviewer 14, and still not working.

Can you give an indication in years :-) when this will be solved?

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Re: Video not shown (Android Host)

Hi @SefRutten77 

Thank you for your post and sorry for the really late reply. :-)  

Can you please explain the case a little bit more detailed? 

Which Android devices do you use? From which operating systems do you connect to the Android devices? 

Looking forward to your answer and wish you a great start into the new week.

All the best,

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Re: Video not shown (Android Host)



We use Androdi devices with Android 5 and Android 7.

We remote takeover them from a Windows 10 PC, sometimes from an Androdi Device

Maybe you can check it with an Samsung tablet android, we tested several models and all have the same, the video is not shown (black) on the device were it is played on