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WOL in the local network does not work

Hello! When i set in Team Viewer 14.3 WOL option with Public IP option either "use other TeamViewer to wake up". I cant wake up this windows device (windows 10 pro 1903) from Android 9.0 Remote Management. Router port forwording was configurated to forward on UDP 9 port Windows device's ip. Windows Quick boot option in Power and sleep option in control panel was disabled Please help me to troubleshoot for using WOL on Local or from an DDNS address. I cannot use efficiently the provided available guide topic for find solution.


The PC wake up from brodcast adress. So the problame not with WOL on/off option. although i can wake up with 3th party application and only wake up all devices from the lan network. This is not good option. I want to wake up one computer. The TW not let option to specify the wake up parameters. See: When PC is offline there is not on the network. IP address not reserved, pc cannot be identity. Only with magic packages. TW not let option like identification numer of device or their passworld to wake up. (this information collected from an android app: "Wake On Lan" .