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Which plug-in for Android Car Stereo, unknown brand?

Hi - I built a battery-powered electric car (EV). I want to remotely connect to the dash-mounted Android head-unit to remotely supervise the charging process. I did this with an earlier car I built, with a Pumpkin-brand head unit, but this particular head unit has no brand markings so I don't know what host plug-in to use.

Running the Teamviewer Host app on the car, I can connect from my PC with Chat, File Transfer, and Dashboard. But when I try to enter Remote Control, I get the dreaded message, "Your partner rejected your connection request."

I'm thinking there might be a plug-in to fix this, but with so many plug-ins available, I'm not sure what to try. Here are the details of my unit: 

Processor:  Allwinner Quadcore T3, running Android 7.1.1 (but Teamviewer Dashboard reports  6.0.1...?)

MCU Version:  T5.3.19-1-10-A40101-171018

System Version:  V8.2.3-20170916.111052_TH6

Screen Resoluton:  800 x 480, 160 dpi.

Can anyone suggest a way to get Remote Control to work? Is there an existing plug-in(s) that I should try? Thanks in advance....  James