Posted by bcsmith100

android remote connection with drag and drop not working

I am trying to use android to remote login to a windows 10 machine.   On the android phone I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse paired.  I have viewed the youtube video on the subject and read the help tips.   But I am having a problem with the drag and drop, it is not working as described (for me).   Specically, I am trying to resize a window pane within Microsoft's SSMS (and other MS tools)..   I can hover over the pane boundary and get the resize cursor, but when I try a long press and drag with fingers or when I try to left click and drag with the paired mouse nothing happens.     Also I notice that the paired mouse has two arrow icons ... one for android and one for teamviewer ... this does not happen when I use windows to remote login... with this I Get just the one arrow icon ... The paired mouse and keyboard work great with other applications... and they work with teamveiwer.. up until I open the remote session .. then they do not work with the teamviewer session as expected.