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mouse mode on android phone?

I reeaally want mouse mode on an android phone. I'm using a 2k-ish phone to display (at 1:1 with panning), a 4k desktop. By attaching my desktop keyboard w/trackpad to the phone, and with the screen near my (myopic) eyes, this setup is surprisingly usable compared to working at my 43" monitor.

Except that touch mode is simply unusable.   I read mouse mode is enabled for tablets 6.5" and above. What exactly is the check to determine if mouse mode is enabled (ie how can i know whether another given device would work) and cant this be supported on android cell phone such as the LG V20 with a 6" screen?

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Re: mouse mode on android phone?

I have the same problem with my Pixel XL. My usb mouse works on my phone outside of the teamviewer app perfectly fine. Does Teamviewer just not support usb mouse usage on android phones?

Please devs, let us know if/when this issue will be addressed/fixed!
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