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Absent from ring network

One of my remote systems has a problematic video port and the only way for me to access the system was remotely via TV. A few months back I received a message from TV that the version was dated and that I should update. I proceeded with an automated update request remotely within TV but something went wrong (presumably) with the installation since I was now getting a waiting for initialization or something similar thereafter.

About ten days ago I decided to remove the hard disk and load it onto another system whose video port is fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled TV from the beginning and proceeded with the various initializations so as to have it as part of my ring network at home and to also load immediately within Windows following each boot.

I then placed the hard disk back into the original system (with the problematic video port) hoping that I had now circumvented the display problems and where presumably the TV software would load properly and show up in my ring network. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated.