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Posted by jsjsjsjsjsjs

Are there parameters to start TeamViewer QS via cmd


i want to connect to a client via cmd. I found this link: But the parameter -i and the session ID (e.g. s64-234-456) doesn't work.

Are the session IDs stored in the registry? For TV13 i can find the IDs at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\TeamViewer

Thanks for your help :)

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Posted by DomLan

Re: Are there parameters to start TeamViewer QS via cmd

Hi @jsjsjsjsjsjs,

client ID and session code are two different things. The client id uniquely qualifies a device: you can consider it immutable and permanently linked to the machine.
Instead, you can consider a session as a reservation for a room that can be accessed by two distinct subjects: those requesting assistance and those providing assistance. The session code is determined when someone uses the QS produced by you and its value is valid for a period defined at the time of loading: usually it is several hours, however sufficient for the applicant and assistant to access it to collaborate in remote assistance. Obviously this data is not saved on any machine involved, but available on the TeamViewer database.
To access the session, both subjects have a specific link to call back: therefore, if you want to start via cmd this link you can simply run "start http: // ...."


Domenico Langone
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