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Create a customized host for older versions

Is it possible to create a customized Host and QuickSupport for older versions, e.g. version 13 ?

I cn create a customized moduel for version 15, but how can i download a version 13 host module with our logo ?

Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Create a customized host for older versions

Hello @ASt1,

Thank you for your message.

To create your module in an older version, you need to change the URL of your module and add /v[version-number]/ to it.

Therefore, to create custom modules in version 13, the URL of your module should look like this: 

This works with TeamViewer 9 to current version.

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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Re: Create a customized host for older versions


     This either needs to be a tooltip on the Design and Deploy modules interface, or a button option when downloading. This is a very important feature that people need to know about.


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Re: Create a customized host for older versions


I also agree on the fact that such option should be available from the web admin interface under the "Design & Deploy" section when editing a specific module.
I'm lucky we redirect the link through some internal alias in the company and not provide the link directly to people, otherwise it would be complicated to handle.
Please make such option available in the web admin interface for easier management and module generation steps.

Thanks :)