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From Ipad to Iphone

I wonder if it is possible to transfer a paid license from my Ipad to myIphone. On my IPhone there is a free license who dosent work anymore.

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Re: From Ipad to Iphone

Hi @JonE,

Thank you for your message and I am sorry for the late reply. 

If you have a TeamViewer license and would like to use the license on a new device, kindly login your licensed account on TeamViewer application of the new device please. If you have TeamViewer Business license, please check out how to remove device. Once you are successfully logon, you are fine to connect with TeamViewer and the new device is licensed. If you would like to have individual support, kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for further dicussion.

Hope it is helpful. If there is anything we can help, feel free to ask again.

Best Regards