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Help Please! Can't remote Update father's teamviewer client

So I'm trying to help my father out with yet another application wanting updates on his computer, and I go to Teamviewer, like I do every year around this time, to check and see what application or malware is trying to do what. But I am stalled because Teamviewer is not allowing me to connect or remote upgrade my father's client on his PC. He's running Windows 10 Pro, he gets all the latest updates for it automatically. He can't follow instructions to any degree when troubleshooting over the phone, and now I can't remotely help him. 

I searched the Teamviewer community for help on this, and only found people stonewalled by support. Which is rediculous when Teamviewer has deliberately hardblocked non-commercial users from updating remote clients. I never received a single warning via e-mail telling me that if I didn't upgrade all of my Remote Clients, I'd lose access to them entirely. Below is even a screenshot of ALL Teamviewer e-mails I have received since like 2017. Not one declaring "Hey you gonna lose access ya fool, update or else."

Annotation 2019-08-05 065513.png

So how is Teamviewer going to help my Father or myself in this situation? He is unable to follow basic instructions, and I am unable to visit him. The only option is some option to remotely update his client without requiring him to perform any action what so ever.

Help please, otherwise I'm at a total loss.