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Posted by mawadidres

Host only working if someone is logged in

I installed teamviewer host on a Windows Server 2016. The teamviewer service is installed and running (under local system).

The problem is that it is only possible to use teamviewer as long as someone is logged in at the server (local or RDP). If no user is logged in and I try to connect teamviewer says that teamviewer is not runnung.

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Re: Host only working if someone is logged in

Hi @mawadidres

Thanks for posting!

I would reccomend you check out our Knowledge Base article on Working with Windows Servers

You need to Check under "Help" > "About TeamViewer" and make sure you are connecting with the server ID. You can only connect to a User ID if that users RDP session is running.

Windows server have Multiple TeamViewer Id's. Both the server itself and each user with their own RDP profile will be given their own TeamViewer ID. This is called "Enhanced Multi-user Support" and is so you can jump directly into someone elses RDP session if needed.




I hope this answers this for you.


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Posted by jlowder_wccs

Re: Host only working if someone is logged in

I am having the same problem, but I dont have those options...  whether or not I am logged into teamviewer on the server.