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How to deactivate old business license

I used to use TeamViewer for my business, but I am now retired.  I uninstalled the old TeamViewer and now I would like to use the free version to help my family or a friend.  However, when I install TeamViewer it remembers my old business installation and will not let me use the free version.

What can I do to completely uninstall the old licensed version?

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Re: How to deactivate old business license

Hi pacuk,

Thank you for your post. In your special case, I recommend to write a ticket to our support team and request the "reset". As long as you have still access to your licensekey, you can send the ticket via this site.

If you do not have access to your licensekey any longer, please use the form which will be provided in this article.

Please explain my colleagues your situation and I am sure, they are happy to assist you.

Best, Esther

Community Manager

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