New Button using Teamviewer 9

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New Button using Teamviewer 9

We still use teamviewer 9.
I would like to put a button on our website but had a few questons.

If I link the button to Teamviewer Quickjoin, will this link to the latest teamviewer version and will it connect to out TV9?

Is it possible to have the button setup so the end user doesnt have to enter the TV ID and Password? (if we just want it to always connect to the same PC)


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Re: New Button using Teamviewer 9

Hi @tigerpie

The links on our main download page are only for the latest version.

However with V9 and later, you can make your own Custom modules that will download the correct version for your license.

You can find out more in our article about modules.

You can also use our handy Badge Generator if you like to make the button. Just select "Own link" and enter the link for your custom module.

When you create the custom module, you can enter a permanent meeting ID.
Just note that the QuickJoin doesn't use TeamViewer ID's, they use meeting ID's.