Posted by Barabba

Not working on WIn7sp1

I tried ALL versions after 12 and they don't work, here is the log:

[logs removed per community guidelines]

You probably won't support me, I'm not important for you, but well know your program doesn't work everywhere.
Pity that I can't connect more to a version 12 from a version 14!!! (and this is horrible) 

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Posted by Barabba

Re: Not working on WIn7sp1

you removed th logs, now how you pretend to fix this problem..
simple, it will leave unfixed ((

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Senior Moderator

Re: Not working on WIn7sp1

Hello @Barabba 

Thank you for your post.

Logs are removed from posts in the Community as they may contain personally identifying information - as such, we do not allow the posting of any potential personal information on the community.

As the community is mostly user-driven, not all posts are seen or resolved by a support rep. Should logs be needed at any time for an issue, they would be requested privately from you.

Regarding being unable to connect to version 12 from version 14, earlier this year we requested all free users migrate to the latest version of TeamViewer in order to continue using the software. This means that in order to make the connection to an older version, at least one device in the connection needs to be licensed.

If this is not the issue you are having, feel free to clarify here :) 

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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