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Re: Update available!


I just upgraded to the 13 version subscription :) so far working perfectly. You guys should consider letting people do it monthly? Paying all 12 months at once is going to be a little hard for some people just getting started.

Thank you for the GREAT SOFTWARE couldn't live without it! 

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Re: Update available!

Hi @beast-usa

That´s a valid point! I will forward your suggestion internally.

And: Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you like TeamViewer 13! I am curious to hear: Which feature do you like most? Well, maybe this is worth to open a new thread ;-)

All the best, Esther


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Re: Update available!

I would like to support this.  Most large organisations are happier these days with Opex rather than Capex.  If you charged monthly for a subscription, then it makes it very easy for a large business to consume.

In my case, the Capex procedure to authorise the yearly commitment for a subscription is simply too cumbersome and as a result we are considering other products.  I'd certainly further consider your product if you were to change the subscription model to charge monthly instead.