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Posted by JoeF

Remote Print image problem

I love TeamViewer.  I found a need to do some remote printing.  I've activated remote print and it works well with one hiccup - sometimes the file that comes accross is modified and the image no longer fits on the page.  An edge of the document is missing or the graphics have been resized.  On some apps I can just shrink the image and it will then print fine on one page.  On others, I can't simply do that.  I have to save it as a PDF and uploade it to my remote machine so it will print properly.  Is there a setting I am missing that keeps the settings of the document I want to print from my desktop the same as I print it remotely? 

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1 Reply
Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Remote Print image problem

Hi @JoeF

Thanks for your feedback and for posting your question.

I do not have a solution for you right now, but I wondered whether one of these articles might help you finding a solution:

Remote printing with TeamViewer

Enhanced Remote Printing

Advanced troubleshooting for TeamViewer remote printing

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best, Esther