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Remote a PC with Teamviewer 13 version


so i have a business licence for TV 12, some of the customers upgraded to version 13 and it wants an upgrade, so my teamviewer 12 version is useless, is there some workaround for this? 

It did not cost a few bucks, would be a shame to throw it into the garbage.



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2 Replies
Posted by AlexanderErni

Re: Remote a PC with Teamviewer 13 version

a month ago.... any progress on an answer?

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Community Manager

Re: Remote a PC with Teamviewer 13 version

Hi Alexander,

A typical workaround for this case is offering your customer a customized QuickSupport module (e.g. branded with your logo) in version 12.

QuickSupport and SOS button 

If you are using the QuickSupport module, your connection partner needs to

  • stop his TeamViewer module 13
  • start the exe-file

and so you can connect easily.

You can also link the module on your own website as a download link.

I hope the info helps you.

Best, Esther