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Posted by JWM1769

Screen refresh lags behind

For a while now, my TeamViewer 13 remote sessions are lagging behind on refreshing the screen as a result of user input.  Well, there is an exception that I've found where drawing in MS Paint will typically result in immediate screen updates.  But in general, mouse movements, clicks, keyboard inputs: all of these will fail to result in immediate screen updates, and this becomes pretty infuriating after a while.

For example, clicking to open a pulldown menu at the top of a Windows app will fail to refresh the screen, and I then have to wiggle the mouse around until it draws what already happened on the remote screen.

Even more annoying is that when typing, the most recent keyboard input is never shown as an immediate screen update, so when going back and editing out typos, you often end up overshooting the number of necessary backspaces because the screen isn't updating fast enough, and sometimes you aren't sure if your key input registered or not, so you hit it again, only to find that it really did register and you just couldn't tell because of this TeamViewer bug.

I am confouded as to why there are still no posts about this subject online that I could find.  Some details: all of the remote sessions in which I'm observing this problem are from a TV13 client running on Windows 10, to a remote Windows 10 machine: either version 10.0.16299.192, or version 10.0.17134.48.  The issue could be far more widespread, but this is my limited experience, and these are my machines that I need to use daily, so this has been pretty frustrating.  I've had to change to a policy of going back to the LAZILY (under)developed SplashTop for the remote machine in which I'm doing the most heavy work at the moment.  My initial reaction to TeamViewer 12 (towards the very end of its development cycle) was that it was/is the pinnacle of all remote desktop software in existence in all aspects, but TeamViewer 13 has been nothing but trouble so far from my perspective.  I love TeamViewer, so I hope that version 13 finally gets the kinks worked out, and stops receiving updates that introduce serious bugs which remain un-fixed for long stretches of time.

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Posted by stevie999

Re: Screen refresh lags behind

Im getting exactly the same issue with the latest update. working 100% fine before the update
Posted by dochoffman

Re: Screen refresh lags behind

I also have the same issue. I use Teamviewer multiple times a day from my laptop to connect to two desktops. Version 14 on all machines. It is massively frustrating and if it continues, I will have to change.
Posted by PhilipAlbert

Re: Screen refresh lags behind

I too am having the exact same issue after the latest and greatest upgrade/updates. 

I use this to remote control my observatory. Direct fiber link. Can't use RDP because of very heavy graphics. TeamViewer always has worked great. Not now! Can't even keep a remote session for couple minutes once I start using anything that requires real-time refresh.... and on a fiber link, no less. 

If this is a ploy to push users to purchase, like they did in the past with timeout periods, that would be a mistake, I think! But, I don't think that is it...... Probably just bad programming/development?!?! Which I hope they fix soon!?!? Even they, using it, would have to see this issue right away!?!?