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TeamViewer 12 MSI deployed SCCM

Hi, in my company TeamViewer MSI (corporate license) is deployed by SCCM. On some computers, even if is installed the right version with corporate license, TeamViewer starts with the free version, Tryal mode.
I can't see the corporate license because it is deployed automaticaly by sccm.
I alredy tried to unistal, delete the user folder, clean regedit and reinstal TeamViewer MSI but the problem persists. 
What can I do to solve the problem?

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Re: TeamViewer 12 MSI deployed SCCM

Hi @Federr

Thank you for your post.

In general, we recommend to use the TeamViewer MSI package for the deployment. With this method everything should work as expected. Did you deploy the TeamViewer fullversion incl. the licensekey? 

Another solution would be: You can activate the license via the TeamViewer Management Console (User management) on your employees accounts to make sure, that everybody is using the license. This Knowledge Base article can help you to make the set up.

I hope this information is helpful.



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