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TeamViewer Manager Stop working

Hello, Our company had bought TeamViewer 4.

We have been using TeamViewer Manager 4 also, and filled it with helpfull info about our clients.

When we bought the product, the EULA was mentioning that it will work FOREVER

OK, you found a legal way to make forever only lasts a few years. ..

I can understand that you stoped the service on accessing other computers via TeamViewer4, but why on earth you unlicensed our TeamViewer Manager 4 console, and now I cannot access valuable information I had there? TeamViewer Manager 4 console app was running on OUR server, why on earth you paused it from working??? We used it to store connections via Remote Desktop, not only teamviewer connections. 

Please provide info of how to restore the TeamViewer Manager 4 console app,


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Re: TeamViewer Manager Stop working

Hi @NickMacks 

Thank you for your post. 

As you can read in our announcement from Dec 2018, version 4 was sunsetted in Dec 2019. As the manager is also part of version 4, he was sunsetted as well. 

But, I kindly recommend you to call our support team directly and describe your situation. Maybe they can provide a workaround for you to at least restore the data within the manager. 

Thank you very much and sorry for any inconveniences caused. 

Wish you a Merry Christmas.

All the best,