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Teaviewer 13 Timeout

Hi,  I use the teamviewer 12 from work to connect to my home computer to check my home email and misc things.  When I upgraded to 13 at work, I noticed the timeouts after a duration of time that I didnt have with 12.  I need to know if I upgrade at home, and the timeout occurs on home computer, will that stop me from being able to connect to my home computer from work?



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1 Reply
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Re: Teaviewer 13 Timeout

Hello @DaAggie,

Thank you for your post.


Connections made from work computers or networks require a Commercial TeamViewer license. For more information on Commercial Use, click here.

If you have a licensed account, please ensure that you are logged in with the appropriate credentials, as the TeamViewer application will only know that you are licensed once you log in to Computers & Contacts.

If you are using the private version of TeamViewer, please reach out to our Sales Team so that we may discuss your use case.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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