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Posted by brook

The add-in for MS Outlook won't 'take'

I installed the latest version of TeamViewer 13 and I'm having a problem on one of our computers getting the Outlook add-in to 'take.' It shows up in the COM add-ins option of Outlook, I can check the box and close out of the add-in options, but then it won't load up. When I go back into the COM add-ins options, it's unchecked again and the load behavior says: "Not loaded. A runtime error ocurred during the loading of the COM Add-in." So i go to the directory with the add-in DLLs and every one gives me an error that says, "<filepath>\TeamViewerMeetingAddinShim.dll is not a valid Office Add-in."

What I've done already:

-  Reinstall TeamViewer

- Reinstall Office/ Outlook

- Verified registry files to ensure that it is not secretly blocked


Any other suggestions?

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Posted by brook

Re: The add-in for MS Outlook won't 'take'

We've gone as far as giving him a brand new computer at this point, but the problem re-emerged after a few weeks. He's on a completely different system but on the same domain account. He hasn't made any changes to any of his settings or installed any new programs in the past three weeks, and it randomly stopped working (same issues) last time. I've deleted his Outlook profile, disabled all his internet calendards, and (as I mentioned) gave him a brand-new out-of-the-box computer. Are there any ideas on what could be going wrong here?

Posted by bbeuerlein

Re: The add-in for MS Outlook won't 'take'

I am having the same issue since upgrading to TV 14. Did not have the issue in 13.