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Turning on 2 factor authentication

I would like to turn on 2 factor authentication on an account that already has a remotely controled device registered on it - an Android phone. The device is in another country and nobody can help me if I lose access to it. What will happen when I turn on 2FA? Is there any chance that the device will disconnect as a result and request a new logon?

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Re: Turning on 2 factor authentication

Hi @eyallvy 

Thank you for your post.

Feel free to check out the information on - What is two-factor authentication for your TeamViewer account? please. If 2FA is successfully activated on your Android device, you are required to access the 2FA authentication code every time you need to log in to the TeamViewer account.

If any scenarios of lost device or lost of security code, TeamViewer Support Team is able to assist you to remove 2FA from your TeamViewer account. 

However it is  recommended that you activate 2FA on a device which you are able to access easily and conveniently.

Hope the information helps.

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