Unable to use Licensed/Paid TeamViewer

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Unable to use Licensed/Paid TeamViewer

This is very disturbing, and certainly it will drive me away, even after many years being a paying customer.

My channel use claims session in progress, but there is no session, I have even restarted the computer which ID is supposedly in use.

The worst part is, only customer support can clear these false sessions, BUT there is no customer support over the weekend.

This is just crazy....

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Re: Unable to use Licensed/Paid TeamViewer

Hi @MartinBeeon,

Thank you for posting.

We are sorry for hearing the negative feedback from you. I have found and forwarded your ticket within TeamViewer system, one of the represetitive from TeamViewer Support Team  will be contacting you shortly.

Alternatively, you may check out the TeamViewer ID which is using TeamViewer channel via TeamViewer -> Help -> About TeamViewer -> Channel use. And then search the ID within your Computers and Contacts list then to communicate within your team for disconnection please. 

If you are interested in purchasing additional channels for concurrent connections, feel free to contact TeamViewer Sales Team for further discussion.

Hope the information is helpful.