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Unattended access requires user permission.

Unattended access with full access requires user permission. TV it is almost useless right now. 

Everything is properly configured, eg. random passwords disabled, personal passwords disabled, easy access for my company acoount granted. It doesn't matter if the OS user is logged in or not.

Different versions of operating systems.

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Re: Unattended access requires user permission.

I suggest requiring a password for connection. I just reinstalled TV on 3 devices yesterday morning and today while I was out shopping with my kids I somehow "missed" a 25 minute connection to my PC. I was confused when I turned on my PC and it showed me the "how was your session" message. I checked the incoming connections log and there it was plain as day accessed from 2:05pm until 2:30pm. I am not paying for the corporate version as I am only using it for personal use, so I cant see where the connection originated but it does say it was from my own account. *facepalm* Easy access revoked, every connection requires a password.

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