Posted by mjgouldini

teamviewer 14 installation fails on winxp

Still using version 12...

After several attempts to install 14, I have given up.  OS is XP (which I need to keep).

It seems to install (sometimes i get the "service cannot be started,") and then other times it goes through and the service is running and other computers I get the notice that the computer "has signed in." Upon attempt to connect, I get the initialization message which eventually times out. 

On the install computer, when I attempt to run the teamviewe.exe, I get some mesage like "cannot be located," so while the service seems to be running, the user/desktop interface seems to be where the install has failed to complete.

That's it.  I love TV, am forced to use 12 and hate to think that this soon to be deprecated version will slam the door shut for me.