Posted by Ranarrr

Cursor bug after remote control


I have experienced what I believe is a bug with teamviewer. I remote control my home desktop, and when I end the session my home desktop signs off and thats fine, but it seems as if, when I get home and log onto my home desktop, my cursor stays "remote controlled" if you can understand. My cursor doesn't update which state it is in (hand, resizing, that writing cursor state.. etc), and my cursor is in a totally different spot on my second screen than before I take a screenshot with a 3rd party tool. So it seems it does not "free" the cursor after remote control.

Signing out and signing in again fixes the problem, but it's certainly something that should be looked into.

This was computer to computer remote control, not phone. I exited teamviewer by just closing it with the upper right close action (not disconnect). I did exit with my cursor on my second screen (where it is currently stuck on screen shots).