Posted by vencappro

TV on remote computer stops working

All of a sudden two days ago, TV 14 just quit working on the remote computer.  That computer runs my radio station programming automation, and is not monitored all the time.  

Tech support had me shut down and start up several times via the services tab, because I didn't want to restart the computer. That lasted about 12 hours! 

So, today I went back and restarted the computer (which by the way created several other problems, so thanks for that!!!). I got TV to work again, but here we are about 8 hours later, and when I try to connect to the remote computer, I'm getting the same error message that TV is not running on the remote computer.

I need this fixed immediately! This computer - which runs 24/7 - is 15 miles from my house, I can't keep running up there every 8-12 hours when TV decides to shut down.......