Posted by chrismiller015

Teamviewer 14 Not Ready. Please check connection.

Hello. I've been having trouble with teamviewer ever since updating to version 14 with connecting. Please let me know what I can do in order to utilize teamviewer again.


No matter what I do, it just gives me an exclaimation point, complains about a proxy and can't connect.

I've confirmed I can ping master[1-6,9]

Teamviewer is established and/or listening on ports 2379,2378,6039,5938,61715,5353,51716,5353

I've reinstalled clean twice.

Added exception rule to windows firewall

Disabled the firewall

Rebooting router/modem

tried running my computer off 3 different internet connections (from 3 different ISPs)

I'm running windows 1809 Build 17763.194 (home edition)

Specs:intel i7-4810MQ (2.8GHz),16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 860M 

In general under options, if I select "accept LAN connections" I can accept in-network connections.


Attempted fixes:


2018-12-19_15h24_54.png2018-12-19_15h25_40.pngInterface login disabled2018-12-19_15h26_25.pngcommunication w/ server

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by Jazon

Re: Teamviewer 14 Not Ready. Please check connection.

I have same problem. My hardware configuration i very similar. What's wrong? I've sent some check files to TeamViewer service but... no answer since 2 months.

Posted by rushad_wankadia

Re: Teamviewer 14 Not Ready. Please check connection.

I was facing the same error and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I uninstalled the smartbytes application (preinstalled on Dell devices) and the problem seems to be gone. 

Posted by larsinoz

Re: Teamviewer 14 Not Ready. Please check connection.

I, too, have the same problem, on two different computers at different sides of the world.

Is it really so that TeamViever is not working, and that nobody can esatblish what is wrong?