Posted by Matheus

Android Eco Mode


I would like to know how can I use the Android Eco Mode?

My android is running the latest version of the Android Host and my Team Viewer client is also running the latest version, so how can I wake up an android through the eco mode system?

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Posted by bartlanz

Re: Android Eco Mode

From what I know, TeamViewer does not have the ablilty to wakeup an android device. The device must already be on and have the host running.

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by Matheus

Re: Android Eco Mode

That is a new feature that has been released

Posted by Rapid-eraser

Re: Android Eco Mode

From what I understand Eco mode is version 12 feature.
Check that you have installed TV Host version 12.

Posted by trininox

Re: Android Eco Mode

I just installed the app on my android device today.  It's active, its actually a digital signage device.. It says Eco Mode and i'm not able to get access into it.  Running latest version of TV on both devices PC and Android.  I don't know how it got into Eco mode or how to get it out.

Posted by irene-schott

Re: Android Eco Mode

start host app en click on the 3 dots in the middle of the right side - select advanced and deactivate eco modus


Posted by araih

Re: Android Eco Mode

Yes. Your indicated procedure is only able to solve this issue.
Therefore I hope remove eco mode. Because, Eco mode blocks remote support.
Default state is "Eco mode is enable", therefore even if I installed TeamViewer into Android Device, I cannot support it without any person near its device.

 This Eco mode is worst implementation